Rising damp causes are a regularly asked question , in short it is when water occurs from the ground and rises up through the bricks and mortar via capillary action. Water basically rises through porous walls in the same way a sponge soaks up water in a sink.

Any structure unprotected by a properly installed damp course is susceptible to rising damp this is where capillary action will rise through pores of masonry.

Usually depending on the severity of the rising damp , we would hack off plaster back to brick work at least 1 metre high , install a new damp proof course at the lowest point (depending on ground levels) on the inside of the property and at least 6 inches from the outside of the property, will then be rendered with a water proof sand and cement , and finished with a smooth plaster finish ready to decorate.

Dry rot is a form of timber decay caused by fungal growth. It is a severe decay and can cause serious issues to your property including structural integrity and it spreads aggressively fast to other areas quickly. Even though being named dry rot it usually needs to flourish and grow through moisture and can start from a small leak and if left untreated will only worsen.

Wet rot is not the same as dry rot even though dry rot is a more severe timber decay wet rot is equally a problem in need of treatment. Wet rot occurs in an environment of constant moisture from leaking pipes bad plumbing , when excess moisture infiltrates timber it can allow fungal spores to germinate and grow, this will eventually weaken the strength of the timber.

For both wet rot and dry rot similar treatments are necessary each job is very different but the main idea is to replace any affected timber replaced and treated depending on the size of the area and any leaks will have to be stopped to eradicate this problem we also use leading chemicals to protect the affected areas in the future.

Woodworm is typically found in properties with exposed timber and our seasonal pests and thrive from April to October . Woodworm is the name for wood boring beetle at the larvae stage. Woodworms typically feed on the cellulose of the timber leaving a network of tunnels and depending on the amount of infestation can lead to the structure of the timber to loose its integrity. Usual treatments would require replacement of timber if severely damaged and sprayed with high pressured pump with leading woodworm treatments

Condensation is simply the moisture caused by everyday living, moisture is abundant in the warm atmosphere of the property and when the property cools down this moisture will condense and settle on cool surfaces. To help with condensation, insulation ,double glazed windows and draught proofing of properties will all benefit from this. Without correct ventilation through the property the airflow can be unhealthy for people in general especially people with breathing issues , and can also start to damage fixtures and fittings along with permanent damage to the existing plaster. There are different ranges of ventilation systems depending on the property size and individual recommendations of your property.

Waterproofing and tanking systems will always need to be put in place in cellars , basements etc where large amounts of water enters the property.

There is a wide range of systems and varied approach to which system to use depending on water ingress, from cementious tanking , cavity wall membrane, waterproof flooring and sump pump systems. Each waterproof system is unique and would be more than happy to give a free damp investigation today and work out the severity of the water ingress.

Penetrating damp can be caused from numerous exterior problems i.e. broken pipes , roof damage, cracked floor slabs, poor guttering  are all usual causes. This can cause problems to the inside of the property damaged fixtures and broken down plaster .  New plaster would usually have to be installed and obviously the cause of the leak resolved or the problem will persist.

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