Terms and conditions

  1. All works carried out by ourselves should never be damaged or broken in anyway without our permission including piercing tanking membranes .
  2. All aspects of our paperwork, diagrams, etc should all be read through and understood before works commence.
  3. Any recommendations made by ourselves for you to keep your property in a dry and weatherproof condition should be undertaken within the time slot given (refer to contract for timescale and recommendations no longer than 12 weeks)
  4. Any areas not specified in our long term guarantee will not be covered under this long term guarantee (refer to areas not covered by our guarantee in your contract)
  5. Any products being used in the property which could affect our treatments carried out should be checked with us first before any use .
  6. Any areas treated by us that our decorated within the recommended time scale (4-6 weeks) should only be considered as temporary within the first 12 months.
  7. It is the responsibility of the home owner to keep the property in dry weatherproof condition within the timescale of the 10 year guarantee issued by the insurance company and the 10 year guarantee issued by us.
  8. Tiling or building over with walls ,plasterboard, chipboard etc should not be done on our treatments for at least 9 months to allow correct drying times and then must be maintained by yourselves to not damage our works or be in contact with those treated areas.
  9. Any outside areas should not be changed to breach any installed damp proof courses installed by ourselves
  10. All works should be able to dry out naturally and not forced to dry with excessive heat.
  11. Any structural changes to the property will affect our treatments carried out and should be advised if this is to take place
  12. Any pipes ,wires, structural beams, rsjs, electrical or plumbing of any kind should be maintained correctly any breaks or incorrect installation could cause damage to our treatments and will not be our responsibility to do this
  13. Once work commences there will be a payment procedure to follow failure to comply with this could delay works being carried out.
  14. All obstructions should be removed before our arrival failure to do so would leave these areas out of our guarantee range